Our Selling Area and our Costumer's location

Since the beginning Cammelli always gave special attention to service and support for his Costumers in the Apparel Industry: this is the reason why we are always ready to bring us on the spot and solve all the problems that arise. Specially, we provide both direct and indirect assistance (telephone, e-mail) on sewing machines, with on-site repairs where necessary, direct supply of spare parts and accessories, delivery of technical documentation and spare parts catalogues by e-mail or by courier.
In Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Moldova we are serving existing local structures of production, and also local dealers operated by Italian personnel or by local staff, with various forms of support.

In Italy in Catania and Naples, in Ungheria in Debrecen,  in Romania in Oradea, Timisoara, Resita, Sibiu, IasiBucharest and Botosani, in Moldova Republic  in Chisinau and Balti,  in Ucraina in Hust, in Northern Africa,  in Tunisia - Tunis, in Morocco - Casablanca and Tanger, we give direct service, also supported by local and italian dealers for more efficient and faster local service.

We do also support  directly Costumers in Algeria, Egypt, India and China.

We are always ready to follow our Costumers abroad, and to answer to direct enquiries from foreign new Costumers, even in areas not served up till now.

Our Costumers are located in more than 46 different Countries in the World.

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